Kuka Sales Group is dedicated to presenting the best version of itself to you, our customers, so we're doing a slight website makeover!

Everything you've loved about our website is still here, but we're mixing things up just a little.


  • We've added a live chat! As you're browsing and you have some questions, feel free to message us! It goes directly to our team here, so any questions can be answered ASAP. Of course, you're still able to call or email us as normal, but now we have this added option! It also works the same as our contact form should we be out of office.

  • We're in the process of revamping the blog section! We might even be adding some new sections to bring you further information regarding what we do and offer here at Kuka Sales!

  • In general, we're working on streamlining the website on a whole, to make it easier to navigate and more pleasing to look at! 


If you notice anything odd or "broken" about the site, please let us know! We may, or may not, know about it. In the meanwhile, please be patient with us as we're experimenting and trying to bring you a website that functions best for everyone!


- The Kuka Sales Group Team