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General Lab

Latest Products


Hydrocal (50lb)

Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator 1"X0.001"

Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

Stainless Steel Ball Bearing


Large Scoop

Large round bottom scoop

Leather Shims

Leather Shims (4/pkg)

Medium Scoop

Medium round bottom scoop

NCAT Brush

Stiff Bristled Brush

Rubber Gloves

Long black rubber gloves

Rubber Mallet

16 oz. rubber mallet

Sample Bags

Poly Woven Sample Bags

Sample Pans

Galvanized Sample pans

Small Spatulas

Small Spatulas (3/pkg)

Sodium Hex

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (1 lb. Bottle)

Sodium Hex (10lbs)

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (10 lbs)

Soil/Asphalt Scoop

Square ended soil and asphalt scoop

Specific Gravity Cradle

Specific Gravity Cradle

Specific Gravity Heater/Circulator

Specific Gravity Tank Heater and Circulator Combination


Sponges (3/pkg)

Stainless Steel Spoon

13" Stainless steel spoon

Stripping Tool

Cylinder stripping tool

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