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12" long calipers

12" long calipers with extra long jaws

12" Beveled Straight Edge

Beveled Straight Edge (12")

Plastic Limit PLate

12" glass plate for plastic limit testing

Grooving Tool (ASTM)

Steel ASTM grooving tool

Grooving Tool (AASHTO)

Steel Liquid Limit tool (AASHTO)

Density Basket

Density Basket 10" diameter

Specific Gravity Cradle

Specific Gravity Cradle

Specific Gravity Heater/Circulator

Specific Gravity Tank Heater and Circulator Combination

Sodium Hex

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (1 lb. Bottle)

Sodium Hex (10lbs)

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (10 lbs)

#13 stopper

#13 Rubber stopper without hole

Soil Hydrometer A

Type A Soil Hydrometer

Soil Hydrometer B

Type B Soil Hydrometer

SE Solution 8 oz.

Sand Equivalency Solution (8 oz.)

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