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12" long calipers

12" long calipers with extra long jaws

Oil Can

1 Qt. Oil Can

CPWplus Case

Carrying case for CPW plus scales

Unit Weight Scale (75 lbs)

Unit weight scale (75 lbs)

Unit Weight Scale (165lbs)

Unit weight scale (165lbs)

Atterberg Scale (610gX0.01g)

Atterberg scale (610gX0.01g)

Laboratory Scale (21KG)

Laboratory scale (21KG)

5/16 Barbed "T" Connector

5/16 Barbed "T" Connector

Standard Proctor Hammer

5.5 lbs Standard Proctor Hammer

Modified Proctor Hammer

Modified proctor hammer (10 lbs)

4" Solid Proctor Mold

4" diameter solid proctor mold

4" Split Proctor Mold

4" diameter split proctor mold

6" Solid Proctor Mold

6" diameter (modified) solid proctor mold

6" Split Proctor Mold

6" diameter (modified) split proctor mold

12" Beveled Straight Edge

Beveled Straight Edge (12")

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