Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator 1"X0.001"

Digital Min Max Thermometer

Our new digital Min-Max thermometer is easy to use.

Digital Min/Max

Digital min/max thermometer

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Digital pocket thermometer

Digital Pocket Thermometer (3/pkg)

Digital Pocket Thermometer (3/pkg)


Drierite, non-indicating, white #8 mesh

Evaporating Dish

Porcelain Evaporating Dish

Fireproof Thickness Gauge

Fireproof Thickness Gauge

Gasket Kit

Air meter replacement gasket kit

Glass Face Thermometer

Glass faced thermometer with long stem.

Grooving Tool (AASHTO)

Steel Liquid Limit tool (AASHTO)

Grooving Tool (ASTM)

Steel ASTM grooving tool

Grout Sample Boxes

Grout Sample Boxes (25/cs)

GSB Fixture

Grout sample box fixture