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Product Description:

Concrete Specific Core Bit

Drill through concrete with ease using our Concrete Core Bits. These high-quality bits are specifically designed for concrete applications, ensuring reliable performance and efficiency.



  • If I want a 4” Dia. Core, what size Core Bit do I need?

    You would need a 4-1/4” Core Bit.  Core Bits are sized based on their Outside Diameter. They are typically made from 1/8” thick wall tubing, thus, the ID is ¼” less. Hence a 4” Core Bit gives you a 3-3/4” Core. Typ. 6”, 8”, etc.

  • Do I have to use water when coring?

    Yes, if you want to maintain the life of the bit. If not, they will likely overheat and self-destruct.

  • How many cores can I get from these bits?

    Lots of variables involved with answering this question, the amount of water, your coring speed, any rebar, etc.   If properly used, on average, you can estimate up to 60 cores.

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