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Slump Plate, Cone, and 24″X5/8″ tamp rod


Slump Plate, Cone, and 24″X5/8″ tamp rod. Our economy slump plate bends up only on one end to make it easy to carry and even easier to clean.  The aluminum base allows you to wash off the concrete after your test easily.  No clamps or swing arms to us once then have them “gum up” and get concreted in the wrong position.  Our slump plates meet ASTM standards with the extended tabs on the bottom to stand one while filling your cone as well as easy to grip handles to hold while performing the test.  The hemispherically tipped tamp rod meets ASTM specifications as well and can also be easily cleaned.

  • Does your slump set come with a scoop?

    Unfortunately they do not. While there’s a default tamp rod size, there is not a default scoop size. Therefore, in order to make this set as versatile as possible, we do not include scoops with the slump set at this time.

    You may note, however, that our medium scoop (24oz) fits just inside a slump cone as well as 4” x 8” cylinders, which helps you minimize spillage. On the other hand, our large scoop (36oz) is better suited for filling your air meter and larger cylinders.

  • Why does your slump plate not have tabs or “hold-downs” for the slump cone?

    In our experience, the tabs feature of a “classic” slump plate all too easily get covered up in concrete to the point of ceasing to function. Here at Kuka Sale Group, we feel that there’s no need to pay for such a feature when it’s practicality and usefulness are so short-lived.

    Tabs are not ultimately needed to hold down the slump cone, when simply standing on the cone will suffice for the duration of a slump test. For a similar reason, our slump plates don’t have a typical handle, but rather just a “hand hold” so that regardless of concrete build up, you’ll always be able to pick it up with ease.

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Weight 16.5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 in

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